Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The History Of Women?s Participation In The Summer Olympics In Water Polo For The Period (2000-2022)


Wafaa Hussein Abdulameer*, Zahiah Sabah Abdulsalam and Jamal Sakran Hamza

The purpose of this paper is to knowing the history of women's participation in the ancient Olympic games, Knowing the reasons for the delay in including women in participating in water polo, and Knowing the results of women's Olympic competitions in water polo. Water polo is part of the program of the Second Summer Olympics in Paris in 1900. After 100 years, women were allowed to compete in this game. In addition, that some sports require high effort, physical strength, endurance and friction, which we notice in water polo, prevented them from participating in some games, including water polo. The ancient Greeks excluded women from the Olympic competition and even prevented them from participating in the games. The inaugural games were held in Athens in 1896 before a band of men only. Swimming was included as one of the events, the first official acknowledgment of the opening of the Women's Olympic Games. In 1934, the first Olympic participation for women was in 2000


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