Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Impact of a Proposed Cross-Training Program on Arm Muscle Development for Advanced Swimmers Pursuing Water Rescue Certification in Jordan


Dr. Mqdad Al-Tarawneh*

This study aimed to investigate the impact of a proposed cross-training program on the development of arm muscle strength for advanced swimmers pursuing water rescue certification in Jordan. The researcher employed an experimental approach, and the study sample consisted of 30 swimmers registered in the water rescue course at the Youth Leadership Development Center in Jordan, within the Faculty of Sports Sciences at Mutah University. They were purposefully selected and randomly assigned to two equal and comparable groups: an experimental group comprising 15 swimmers who underwent the proposed cross-training program for arm muscle strength development, and a control group consisting of 15 swimmers who followed the conventional training program. The implementation of the training program took 8 weeks, with two instructional units per week, totaling 16 instructional units. The study results revealed statistically significant differences at a significance level (≥ α 0.05) in arm muscle strength development among advanced swimmers pursuing water rescue certification between the two groups in the post-measurement, in favor of the experimental group, with an effect size ranging from 13.10% to 17.25%.Based on the study's findings, the researcher recommends the use of cross-training programs that focus on arm muscle strength development in the freestyle swimming stroke, as it can lead to improved swimming speed for advanced swimmers pursuing water rescue certification in Jordan.


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