Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Impact of Engineering Anxiety on Students: A Comprehensive Study In the fields of Sport, economics, and teaching methods


Mazen Dawood Salman, Salima Abdullah Alwan, Nagham Hameed Abdulkhudhur Alyaseri, Kussay Ahmed Subhi, Emad Kamil Hussein, Hussein Kadhim Sharaf*, Nasseer Kassim Bachache, Karrar Kareem Jawad, Hakeem Hammood Flayyih, Rajaa Ali Abed, Ashham Mohammed Aned, Jasim Gshayyish zwaid and Thuraya Saadon Abdulrasool

Engineering education can be demanding and challenging, leading to increased levels of anxiety among students. This research aims to explore the prevalence, causes, and consequences of engineering anxiety on students. Through a mixed-methods approach, including surveys, interviews, and psychological assessments, this study investigates the factors contributing to engineering anxiety, such as academic pressure, performance expectations, workload, and imposter syndrome. It examines the psychological, academic, and social implications of anxiety on students' well-being, academic performance, and career aspirations. The findings of this research will provide insights into the nature and extent of engineering anxiety, enabling educational institutions and support services to develop effective interventions and strategies to mitigate anxiety and promote students' overall success and well-being.


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