Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Impact of Kinesiotaping Color on Physical Performance in Adolescent Soccer Players in Ankle Injuries


Ismael Saleem Abed, Ahmed Fadhil Farhan* and Israa Gameel Housien

Background: There is conflicting proof concerning the performance and muscle function effect of kinesiology tape. However, some studies have explored the color impact on products specifically intended to improve the efficiency of soccer players in adolescents

Objective: The cause, of take a look at was to investigate the effect of kinesiotaping color on physical performance of adolescent soccer players.

Methodology: Twenty-six healthy adolescents soccer players (Age13.53 ± 0.28 years; Stature 1.58 ± 0.16 m; BMI.21.7 ± 3.06 kg/m2; 4.41 ± 0.35 soccer experience) participants in this study. Participants had been assessed underneath seven situations, applied in random order: (1) no kinesiology tape (control), (2) black-colored kinesiology tape carried out with tension (A), (3) black-colored kinesiology tape implemented with no tension (B), (four) blue-colored kinesiology tape implemented with anxiety (A), (five) blue-colored kinesiology tape carried out without a anxiety (B), and (6) red-colored kinesiology tape carried out with anxiety (A), purple-colored kinesiology tape implemented without a tension (B). Players executed a battery of soccer-unique bodily assessments, which includes (1) Standing lengthy leap check (explosive leg power), (2) Running speed test (speed), (3) Prone hold test (core stability/abdominal muscle endurance). One-manner repeated measures analyses of variance (ANOVAs) was applied and considering a 5% significance level.

Results: The kinesiology tape color had no positive effect on physical performance or strength of muscle. There was no significant when compared changes between groups. Measures of explosive leg power (Standing long jump) [(p > 0. 245)]. Similarly velocity over 20 m [(p > 0. 203)] and core stability [(p > 0. 321)].

Conclusion: Kinesiotaping had no useful impact on muscle energy or decrease limb overall performance in healthful adolescent’s soccer players. The color of the kinesiotaping did not influence athletic performance. Future study should aim to verify these results in a wide spectrum of sports.


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