Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Influence of Mental Exercises in developing some Intellectual Abilities for first degree Referees in Football


Mohammed Kazem Arab*, Wathiq Mohammed Abdullah and Mohammed Umer Mirza

The current study aims to use specialized mental exercises to develop some Intellectual Abilities for the first degree Referees in football. Instead, knowing their influence in the study's variables. Through this paper,remarking and field experience and because the researchers are football referees, they found many refereeing mistakes during the process of leading football games, which are related to the intellectual variables. While the Researchers assumed that some of the specialized mental exercises have a positive impact in developing the some intellectual abilities of the first degree referees in football. There are statistic significant differences between the pre-post tests for the excremental and control groups in developing the variables of the study.The researchers have used the experimental approach that includes two efficient groups for its compatibility to the study. The test was applies equally regarding the study's variables that include some intellectual abilities (focusing attention, kinematic process, Bio-mechanic recognition and mental imagery). However, the mental exercises were applied for 8 weeks in as much as 3 units’ per-week. After the post-test completion and the statistic treatment through SPSS, the main results were; the experimental group be dominant on the control group in all under study tests in post-test which refer to the mental exercises effectiveness. Considering the mental aspect will contribute greatly on the recognition aspect, and both reflect the development and improving the referees performance. The mental exercises are considered a very important and assistant method to learn some of the main tasks for the referees to support the performance level in general.


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