Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Knowledge Outcome of the Fencing Law among the Referees, Coaches and Players of Some Arab Countries


Noor Hatem Al Haddad*, Dhafer Namoos Al Taie and Mazin Hadi Kzar

The study of the knowledge outcome of fencing law and its importance for Arab referees, coaches and players, it called on the researcher to use the descriptive approach in a comparison method between them . The researcher used an electronic cognitive test in some articles of the international law of fencing and distributed it through social networking sites to them. After data collection and statistical processing. The researcher reached the most important conclusions from them; The attribute factor (arbiter, coach, player) has an effective impact on the knowledge outcome of the fencing law. The state factor alone does not affect the level of the knowledge outcome of the fencing law. The interaction between the state and the trait did not reach the level of the knowledge outcome of the fencing law. The researcher recommends the following: The necessity of adopting the electronic test in the referees promotion tests. And work on holding regular training and arbitration courses and workshops on international fencing law for referees, coaches and players. And conducting other research on the articles of international fencing law in the English language, especially for first-class referees, for the purpose of preparing them for international promotion.


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