Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The relationship of visual interference to selective attention among some preparatory school football players in Karbala general education directorate


Zaman Saleh Abdulhadi*, Mohammed Ibadi Abed and Ahmed Khattar Saad

The purpose of this paper, in which the researchers sought to study and find the correlation and mutual influence between two important mental variables in producing the correct and rapid response and reaction of a sensitive age group of football players using computerized technologies equipped with artificial intelligence, while identifying areas of temporal, spatial and human research and clarifying Ambiguous terms, where the researchers were able to use the STROOP and LVT tests within the ) Vienna Test System ((VTS) system to measure visual interference and selective attention with high accuracy and objectivity compared to the paperand- pencil tests with the emergence of a significant correlation between visual interference and selective attention and the existence of a mutual effect between them, and the researchers found in their results that the dispersion experienced by football players in the preparatory school is due to the large number and multiplicity of stimuli and their overlapping around them with the high number of duties assigned to them with the weak ability to respond correctly to more than one stimulus at the same time, and that the perceptual convergence of stimuli contributes to the player’s failure to choose the appropriate stimulus from among the Rapid visual stimuli, and a set of recommendations were made, the most important of which is the adoption of visual tests The computerized mentality in selecting and training the players of the school teams participating in the national championships by the Directorate of Sports and School Activity, because of the data it provides that are difficult to extract using traditional tools, and the call for the establishment of a contemporary psychological laboratory in the Iraqi directorates of education, with documentation of Arab and foreign sources and an appendix of two models for the two tests that measured the overlap Visual and selective attention to the members of the research sample.


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