Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Relative Contribution of Suggestibility and Personality Traits on Psychological and National Security Among University Students


Al-Dowsari, Haifa Sh* and Khatabeh, Yahya M

Objectives: Measuring the effect of suggestibility and personality traits on the psychological and national security of university students, and the differences in these psychological variables according to several demographic variables, the level of suggestibility, personality traits, and psychological and national security among students.

Methods: The study sample consisted of 643 students, of which, 260 (40.4%) were males and 383 (59.6%) were females.

Results: The level of suggestibility among the participants was high (183.94±83.47). In terms of psychological security dimensions, general reassurance had the highest average (44.47) and the lowest was social relations (32.73) with a moderate overall average of 150.32. There were direct and indirect relationships between psychological security and national security, with suggestibility directly affecting psychological security (0.38), national security (0.04) and personality traits (-740.75), where the mutual relationship between them in terms of influence as well as on the emotional relationship between suggestibility in its interaction with personality types because it affects national and psychological security (0.40). The interaction between psychological security and suggestibility affects psychological and national security (0.00), while it affects a common interactive relationship in the paths (-5676015.14). The most predictive factor for psychological safety is the interaction of suggestibility and personality traits, as shown by the β value, while the most predictive factor is personality. The mediating variable affects the prediction equation between the independent variable and the dependent variable. The most predictive variable is the suggestibility variable followed by personality traits, but considering the interaction between them has a higher effect and statistical significance for coefficient β. Furthermore, the most predictive factor for psychological safety is personality traits, followed by the joint interaction between personality traits and suggestibility


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