Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Violations of the Employee?s Private Life and Compensation


Aldana Bakhit Alnaimi*

The worker represents the cornerstone of the production process in various fields, and because of this status that he enjoys; the study is based on a statement of the systems of the Qatari legislator violations that occur on the privacy of the worker and the extent of compensation for them. The primary question is therefore: To what extent does the Qatari legislator regulate abuses of the worker's privacy and the extent of compensation for him? Research on the protections and rights that he must enjoy has become a very essential research necessity. An analytical and comparative strategy was taken to provide a response. The study was divided into two sections in order to achieve its goals. The first section dealt with the violations that the worker is exposed to in his private life and how to address them. We also discussed violations in the worker's life and practical applications about how to address the violation of the worker's life. The researcher eventually reached several conclusions, the most significant of which was that the general rule permits the employer to monitor the professional computer out of concern that he will conduct business improperly. The second section of the study dealt with compensation through tort liability and touched on images of assaults on the worker's private life prior to the conclusion of the contract and the position of the Qatari legislator on these violations. The most crucial recommendation was to amend the Labor Law to specify the specific types of violations of rights and freedoms and to single them out with a separate chapter so that the employer is not arbitrarily doing so. This rule allowed the employer to listen in on calls and conversations.


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