Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Amer Abbas Essa

College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Basrah, Iraq

  • Full Length Research Article   
    A Study of Social and Personal Compatibility of Football Coaches in Basra Governorate
    Author(s): Amer Abbas Essa* and Mazin Ali Lazim

    Concept of social and personal consensus has a great importance in psychology and mental health because of its effective role in natural functioning of life of individuals and groups in any humanitarian society. Various life in ways of value and effectiveness for society in which we live is considered a high degree of personal and social compatibility. re is no doubt that individual agrees with environment depends on how to satisfy his needs and on type of different obligations imposed by his environment, and if his needs are satisfied with a balanced and standing manner on a sound basis, a person who is often devoid of one of types extreme deviations is represented in acceptance of individual and its real understanding and his ability to do so on Achieving gravity of its biological, psychological, social needs and reducing tensions and anxiety in a way that is satisfied with society .. Read More»

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