Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Nadeema Badr Mohammed

1College of Physical Education and Sports Science for Girls / University of Baghdad, Iraq

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    The Effect of the Kemp Model on Some Compatible Abilities and Learning the Skill of Peaceful Shooting in Basketball for Female Students
    Author(s): Nadeema Badr Mohammed* and Mazin Hadi Kzar

    Modern educational technologies are among the educational means, tools and devices, taking into account the learning environment and how to organize it to serve the educational situation. The problem is the lack of interest in educational activities and events that aim at the comprehensive growth of the student’s personality. The research for the educational design according to the Kemp model has a positive effect on the compatible abilities and learning the skill of peaceful shooting in basketball. As for the research method, the researchers used the experimental method for its suitability to the sort of the problem. The sample members were divided into two equal experimental groups in basketball, they are (20) female students, and they were divided into two groups (controller) and (experimental) and by lottery (10) students for each group. The College of Physical Education and.. Read More»

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