Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Sinan Husham Rasheed

College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Kirkuk, Iraq

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    The Use of Exercises by Therapeutic Methods in the Rehabilitation of Lower Limbs Muscle Injuries for Youth Volleyball Players
    Author(s): Abdulla Ahmad Muhammad* and Sinan Husham Rasheed

    This study is significant because of the role of rehabilitation and physical exercises in restoring the functional work of the injured part through natural therapeutic means, especially for chronic injuries in the lower limb muscles. Retrieval of motor work of the lower limb. The research sample was (7) players deliberately chosen from the chronically injured youth volleyball players, and the method used is the one-group experimental method. As for the research tests, they included a test measuring the circumference of the thigh, the strength of the anterior and posterior thigh muscles, the strength stretcher, and the pain score questionnaire. The pretests were conducted and the motor exercises were applied after presenting them to the experts, and then we performed the post-tests for the research variables. The study found that the rehabilitation program had increased the muscul.. Read More»

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