Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Talib Faisal Shnawa

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Baghdad, Iraq

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    The Effect Of Katsu Exercises On Some Abilities Of Strength And Achievement Of Advanced Weight Lifters, Baghdad Clubs
    Author(s): Ghassan Adeeb Abdulhassan*, Talib Faisal Shnawa and Yasir Wajih Qaddoori

    The purpose of this paper is to preparing kaatsu exercises for advanced weight lifters, Baghdad clubs, and identify the effect of kaatsu exercises on some strength and achievement abilities of the advanced lifters of the Baghdad clubs. The researcher used the experimental approach in one group design with pre and post-test, since this design is of tight control with its suitability for the research procedures. The process of choosing a research sample is one of the most important things in scientific research, as it must represent the original community honestly in order to give accurate and real results about that community and enrich the research with honest scientific information, so the researcher chose a random sample consisting of (6) lifters out of a total of 20 players in the weight category (81) kg. One of the most important results reached by the researcher is that: Kaatsu e.. Read More»

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