Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Watheiq Ibrahim Khadim

Baghdad College High School, Adhamiya, Ministry of Education, Iraq

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    Accurately Predicting The Performance of The Blocking Skill From The Centers (2,4) In Terms Of Some Kinetic Indicators Of Volleyball Players
    Author(s): Tariq Ali Yousif*, Amjad Hamid Badr Almogami and Watheiq Ibrahim Khadim

    The purpose of this paper is to iidentifying the accuracy of the blocking skill from the centers (4, 2) of the volleyball players , identifying the characteristics of the kinetic indicators of volleyball players , identifying the correlation between the accuracy of performing the blocking skill from the centers (4, 2) in volleyball and some kinetic indicators, and finding an equation to accurately predict the performance of the blocking skill from centers (4, 2) in volleyball in terms of some kinetic indicators. The researchers used the descriptive approach using the method of correlational relations due to its suitability to the nature of the problem at hand, including the achievement of the research objectives. The research sample was determined by the intentional method, which represents the volleyball players of the University of Baghdad / College of Physical Education and Sports .. Read More»

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