Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Adaptacion De La Estrategia "Pasos Por La Salud" De Prevenimss Para La Activacion Fisica De Adultos Y Adultos Mayores


Georgina Eugenia Bazan Riveron*, Maricela Osorio Guzman, Renata Flores Jimenez and Jorge Ivan Rodriguez Martinez

The objective was to show the implementation of a strategy for physical. activation in Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS-of its acronym in spanish: Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social-), for 27 adults and older adults (74% women and 26% men) aged 53-71 (M=62.4, DT=5.3); evaluated through a sociodemographic and health card, an inventory of symptoms and a test of Physical Activity -AF- (Méndez, 2008). The magnitude of the strategy’s effect on physical performance was evaluated using Cohen's d, getting big changes (d=0.868 - d=0.997) in symptoms, balance, arm strength, flexibility and speed; medium changes were observed (d= 0.440-d=0.650) in the effect on health, legs strength, agility and endurance. The conclusion focuses the imperative need to adapt health programs for their effectiveness and the positive effect of the strategy on the participants’ health, symptoms and physical ability.


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