Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Comparison Of Some Kinematic Variables Of The Triple Jump Between The Two World Championships (IAAF) (2017) And (2018)


Mustafa Abdulamir Hussain*, Ahmed Sabea Atea Almujamay and Riyadh khaleel khammas

The purpose of this paper is to comparing some kinematic variables and achievement between the (2017) and (2018) competitions in the triple jump to find the percentages of the teams, which may indicate the reasons for the difference in the level of the two championships. The differences may not be found in all variables, especially achievement, but at such global levels, the differences of the few numerical parts make a difference in international achievements, numbers and medals. The researchers adopted the descriptive approach using the method of comparisons to extract the results of the study, and the research community consisted of (27) jumpers, (12) competitors in the (2017) championship and (15) competitors in the (2018) championship, and the statistical bag (SPSS) was used to extract: (Mean), (Std.Divition), (Independent-Sample.T.Test). This study found that the starting angle of the hopscotch, the speed and distance of the jump is the most influential interval in the best achievement. The researchers recommend following up on such international reports and comparisons because they may give solutions and orientation in training for the most influential factors at different levels of achievement.


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