Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Effect of Leadership Personality on the Performance Efficiency of the Physical Education Supervisor of the Babylon Province Centre


Ahmed Malik Hamoud L* and Marwah Omar Mursi D

Personality can be considered one of the most fundamental and important topics concerned with an individual's abilities and capabilities, which accompany and guide him throughout his life and change, grow, and develop during the stages of an individual's life, and personality from a specialized scientific perspective is a topic that participates in the study of many sciences, the most important of which are psychology, sociology and management.

The leadership has a social role played by the leader during his interaction with the other group that they work with, and leadership is a form of social interaction between the leader and the group. The studies focused on the professional and cognitive aspect of the educational supervisor and left important aspects, like the psychological aspects, with the scarcity of research and studies on administrative and psychological aspects, especially with regard to the personality of the supervisor, so the researcher decided to study this problem and find appropriate solutions.

The aim of the research is to identify the differences in the dimensions of the leadership personality among educational supervisors in physical education, the center of Babylon province to identify the type of relationship between the leadership personality and the performance efficiency of educational supervisors.

The study included 29 educational supervisors in physical education from the province of Babylon's central region. Through the use of two scales, the researcher adopted a descriptive strategy in the survey study (the leadership personality scale and the scientific performance efficiency scale), and the researcher concludes the following : -

  1. The educational supervisors in the province of Babylon's central region have a good leadership personality
  2. It was found that the educational supervisors in the province of Babylon's central region have good performance efficiency
  3. There is a link between the leadership personality of educational supervisors in physical education and sport sciences and their performance efficiency.


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