Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Effect Of Low-Intensity Laser Acupuncture And Reflexology In Relieving Dysmenorrhea: A Randomized Control Trial


Heba Embaby, Mohamed Serag Eldein Mahgoub Mostafa*, Salwa R. Elgendy, Mona Mohamed Abdelkhalek and Engy M El Nahas

Background: Dysmenorrhea is defined as painful contractions which arise directly earlier/throughout menstruation time. Dysmenorrhea could be primary or secondary. These cramps are considered the most familiar complaints seen in 50% of women in their fertility time. Owing to the negative influence of medications and their 20-25% failure percentage, many women search for new adjunctive therapeutic approaches.
Objective: The present study attempts to detect the influence of low-intensity laser acupuncture therapy (LILT) and foot reflexology in treating primary dysmenorrhea (PD) in female students.
Methods: 50 females with PD participated in this trial; their ages ranged from 19-28 years; they were allocated randomly into two groups; intervention and controls. The intervention group received laser acupuncture and foot reflexology for 24 sessions 3 times per week for (2 consecutive menstrual cycles), and the control group received Ibuprofen (400 mg), 1/8h for 3 days during cycles.
Results: There was a significant improvement in pain level and functional ability after treatment in each group in favor of the intervention group.
Conclusion: laser acupuncture combined with foot reflexology effectively reduces pain and improves functional ability in treating PD.


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