Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Effect of Using Rubber Band and Kinesio Taping as a Rehabilitation Program to Treat Gymnasium Players with Chronic Shoulder Pain: Randomized Trial


Dr. Bashar Banwan Hasan* and Dr. Amen Atta Hasan*

In Iraq, the repeated chronic shoulder injury of gymnastics players has become common. Unfortunately, there is a lack of rehabilitation programs. Therefore, the authors conducted this study to develop an appropriate solution.

The aim of this work is to study the effect of rubber band and Kinesio tape techniques of improving muscular strength and movement range. The authors used an experimental approach, and eight players high-performance male gymnasts who participated, all of them have competed at the national level. The authors applied the rehabilitation protocol that included applying KT tapes and rehabilitative exercises using rubber bands. The rehabilitation program took three months with five rehabilitation sessions on a weekly basis. Each session took 60 minutes on three stages. Each stage lasts for four weeks. It is worth mentioning that some patients were fully rehabilitated before the end of the program, each phase lasts for four weeks, noting that some players ended their rehabilitation before the end of the rehabilitation program. The most important results obtained by the researchers was the presence of significant differences between the two measurements at a level of 0.05 in all tests and for the favor of the posttest, where the value ranged between (3.006 to 23.322) and these values were higher than tabular T value at 0.05 level. The most important results were that the rehabilitation program used rubber bands and Kinesios tapes to help in developing muscular strength and improving the motor range of the injured shoulder joint. Since more evidence-based practices are needed, future studies should include large numbers of subjects and examine diverse Rubber Band & KT application patterns.


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