Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

El Efecto Ergogenico De La Musica En El Desempeno De La Fuerza Muscular; Una Revision Sistematica


Julio Cesar Guedea*

Introduction: In recent years, music has been used as an ergogenic aid in different sports, especially in the training of muscular strength.

Objetive: Determinate the ergogenic effect of music on the performance of muscle strength.

Method: A systematic review was carried out under the PRISMA guidelines, for which the following Web of Science, Pubmed and Ebsco database were searched as well as Google Schoolar. The terms music AND muscular strength were used. 1975 papers were identified in the database from which 12 were selected that met the inclusion criteria, one more that was found in Google Scholar to include a total of 13 articles in this study.

Results: In three articles muscular power was evaluated in wich all of them were improved with music. Also in seven studies the maximum strength was assessed in wichin which two presentes positive results. Finally,muscula endurance was evaluated in eigth articles, of which seven were positively influenced by music.

Conclusion: Music has ergogenic effects on muscular endurance, but no on maximum strength.


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