Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Establishing standards to evaluate the performance of sports education teachers by consideration of quality requirements in education


Amer Ali Hussein Omran, ALI MOHAMMED JAWAD AHMED AL-SAEGH, Mudhher Abdulbaqi Salim

The study aims to propose standards that can be relied upon to assess the physical education teacher's performance in the light of the requirements for quality in education, and the most important indicators that can bring of these measures. The researchers used descriptive and analytical approach, the appropriateness of the nature of research. This was through a literature review of the quality of teaching in physical education.As well as the importance of setting standards in the assessment and performance tuning, and then use a researcher's approach "Delphi". In order to determine a list of criteria that can be relied upon to assess physical education teachers' performance considering the quality and accreditation requirements in education. As well as 58 of the administrators and supervisors of educational supervision and competence in physical education in the provinces of central and southern Iraq. The researchers used the appropriate statistical ways to make a statistical analysis of the tours (Delphi) three that led to reaching a list of criteria that can be relied upon to assess the performance of the physical education teachers in consideration of the quality of education and the requirements of the most important indicators that can bring.

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