Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Notational Analysis of Pro Kabaddi League in the Perspective of the Teams? Achievement


Hasanuddin Jumareng, Jasvir Ram, Karuppasamy Govindasamy, Hemantajit, Gogoi*, Poli Borah, Masilamani Elayaraja, Edi Setiawan and Lakshyajit Gogoi

Introduction: There has always been a need to conduct studies to understand the underlying game characteristics of kabaddi sport, but the number of studies is insufficient. Hence the researcher took a novel approach to conduct the current research on Pro Kabaddi league tournament.

Aim of study: The study aimed to enhance the existing knowledge, to understand the game characteristics, and evaluate the significance of the observed parameters concerning the ranking of a team in the tournament.

Methods: Data from 653 matches were taken in this study from the official website of the Pro Kabaddi League, which was held for seven seasons. A total of 22 variables was formulated for the study. Descriptive statistics and bivariate correlation were calculated using IBM SPSS Version 25.0.

Results: Attack variables, total raids (819.44 ± 182.67), total raid points (353.43 ± 105.26), average raid points (18.19 ± 2.57), all out conceded (22.88 ± 6.79), total point conceded (616.93 ± 157.99), rate of successful raids (34.04 ± 5.59), rate of empty raids (43.35±5.78), etc., and defence variables, total tackles (445.99 ± 106.53), total tackle points (185.66 ± 49.01), average tackle points (9.62 ± 1.17), all out inflicted (22.88 ± 9.21), rate of successful tackles (38.08 ± 5.17), etc. were calculated. Two attack variables and six defense variables exhibited significant correlation with the result variable, i.e., ranking after league matches.


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