Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology



Cristina Reche, Magdalena Gテδεツ津δづつウmez-Dテδεツ津δづつュaz, Alejandro Martテδεツ津δづつュnez-Rodrテδεツ津δづつュguez, Verテδεツ津δづつウnica Tutte

Studies about the relationship between resilience and optimism in sports, are scarce. It has been even more difficult to find literature that fathoms ever further in these concepts covering aspects such as age group, gender and sporting level. The aim of this study, is to search and learn about the relationship between resilience and optimism in competitive fencers, and as a second aspect, its relationship with sport category, gender and athletic level. The scope of this investigation was 87 feminine and masculine fencing athletes (Ages M = 25.2; DT = 10.6). The results show that 17% of the participants present a high level of resilience. 85.1% are optimists opposing 14.9% that are not (pessimist). No differences of resilience nor optimism where found by gender or sports level, but there were differences found among the analyzed age groups the subjects belong to, favoring the seniors (older than 18 years of age) where resilience was most present. Resilience and optimism are related. These results enable and facilitate decision making when establishing intervention strategies for the athletes according to their different sport level and dedication, in order to achieve optimum performance and a better confrontation attitude during competition.


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