Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Principal Leadership Effectiveness: A Literature Review


Hardianto*, Hidayat, Zulkifli and Muhammad Nurhsyam Ali Setiawan

Effective school principal leadership is necessary to make school goals optimally achieved. This research uses the library method. Data collection was carried out with the help of the Google Scholar search engine using the keywords "principal leadership" and "principal leadership style". Based on the results of the study it was concluded that transformative, authoritarian, democratic and situational leadership styles have a positive effect on teacher performance. Meanwhile, transactional, task-oriented, bureaucratic and charismatic leadership styles have a negative effect on teacher performance. To generate teacher motivation, principals can provide rewards, career advancement opportunities, create a family atmosphere, create open communication, provide trust, provide space for innovation and provide exemplary. The effectiveness of the principal's leadership in terms of handling conflict is by taking preventive and curative actions.


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