Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Psychological Empowerment and its Relationship to Organizational Citizenship Behavior for Workers in the Olympic Committee Sports Federations


Suhair Meteab Munaf*, Ali Abdulateef Ali and Mohannad Salman Dawood

The purpose of this paper is to Preparing two measures of organizational citizenship behavior, and psychological empowerment of workers in sports federations in the Olympic Committee, and identifying the relationship between psychological empowerment and organizational citizenship behavior. The researchers used the descriptive approach using the survey method. The research community was determined by the intentional method represented by the members of the central federations of the Iraqi Olympic Committee, which numbered (191) members, with (25) unions. The research community was determined, as the researchers chose a sample of the community consisting of (160) members, after which they performed the procedures for preparing the two scales. And they used the correct scientific conditions by setting the axes and paragraphs down to the statistical procedures and field experiments until they extracted the two scales in the final picture and then they extracted the results of the application and then they concluded a set of conclusions, including that the members of the Olympic federations have the behavior of organizational citizenship and psychological empowerment distinguish the sample on the various axes and areas of organizational citizenship behavior and psychological empowerment. Therefore, the researchers recommended the necessity of adopting the two measures of organizational citizenship behavior and psychological empowerment. Continuing to develop methods and courses that increase, develop and develop organizational citizenship behavior and psychological empowerment.


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