Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Respiratory Return Exercises And Its Effect On Some Respiratory Indicators In The Preparation For Olympic Lift And Achievement For Advanced Lifters


Hayder Jabbar Abd*

The research aims to identify the effect of Respiratory return exercises and some respiratory indicators on the preparation of the Olympic jacks and achievement for the advanced fourths, so the experimental approach was adopted to treat the research problem, the research sample was intentionally chosen from (20) different players, they were divided into two experimental and control groups using the method of random division. [1] The homogeneity and equivalence processes were performed to initiate one point for the data of the two research samples, after taking pre-measurements for them (height, age, ve. Vs. vo2 max), a training approach was designed to develop Respiratory returnand know its effect on other research variables, and the results of the tribal arithmetic media were compared And the dimensionality of the two groups and treating them statistically, as the most important conclusions were reached which are the void filling when inhaling and holding the breath with the need to take adequate inhalation at a rate of (RR10) inhalation and exhalation operations before lifting that lead to the best achievement.[2]


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