Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Some Major Biomechanics Factors And Their Link To Vertical Punch Response Speed From The Bottom Of The Young Boxing Players


Sikna Abdulrazzaq Taresh* and Saleemah Abdullah Alwan

The study is divided into four chapters, the first of which provided an overview of the study's significance and discussed the role of biomechanics in assessing sports actions, finding flaws, and overcoming them. The boxing sport, which is characterized by precise movements of the arms, legs, and torso, also is mentioned by the researcher. In this sport, the speed of the kinetic response is greatly influenced by the reactions. The primary objective of the research is to identify the biomechanical factors that go along with the vertical punch from the bottom and their relationship to the player's kinetic response through skill analysis. If the player can master this movement, they can master the other movements as well, which helps them play at a high level. The study aims to quantify the percentage contribution of various biomechanical variables to the speed of kinetic reaction as well as the relationship between various biomechanical variables and the speed of their kinetic response. The research sample is represented by young players in boxing, where the researcher used video imaging and biomechanical analysis to extract the results, and the researcher concluded that there is a significant relationship between each of the speed of the kinetic response and the variable of the angle of the elbow at the moment of preparing the arm, as well as a significant relationship between the speed of the kinetic response and the variable of arm speed.


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