Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The effect of an educational curriculum based on metacognitive skills in teaching some offensive skills on the specialized school of basketball in Baghdad governorate


Nadimabader mohammed, MazinHadiKzar and Abeer Dakhil Hatem Al-Selmi

The educational process depends on the means of conveying information from the teacher to the learner. Whenever appropriate, this means the learning process takes place better, faster, and with less effort, and the problem of research lies. The players lack learning in the meta-knowledge curriculum in basketball offensive skills than offensive skills. The aim of the research is to identify the effect of training exercises for educational numbers based on metacognitive skills in teaching some offensive skills with basketball. As for the research assignment, there are statistically significant differences between the results of the pre and post tests for the experimental group and in favor of the post tests. The experimental approach was used for its suitability to the nature of the problem. The research sample is a group of (14) players from the Specialized School of Sports Basketball They were divided into two groups (control) and (experimental) and by lottery with (7) players for each group. Through the results, conclusions were reached, the most important of which is the preference for the experimental group in the applied exercises for metacognitive education used in the educational curriculum for performance, which had an effective role among the members of the experimental group.


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