Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The effect of daily physical exercises and diet on kinetic mechanical and vital energy variables for young middle-distance athletes


Alaa Fouad Salih*

The importance of the study came as an evaluation of mechanical energy (kinetic and vital), and the changes that occur in them in the (pre and post-test) after they undergo their daily training and dietThis is related to his assessment of the athlete’s health, and the calories expended that express the consistency of effort and the output of these calories to assess the functional and physical condition of young middle-distance athletes, and according to functional and mechanical requirements, the research aims to identify the bio-energy variables related to calorie production and mechanical kinetic energy (physical work) for middle-distance athletes, and to identify the effect of daily exercises and diet on mechanical energy variables (kinetic and vital) in the pre and post tests for athletes , the study was applied to (9) of the national youth team for middle distance runners, the researcher used the descriptive approach, the research sample was subjected to a special diet in (Pre and post- tests), energy variables (calories and work units) were measured after they implemented a special training unit. The sample continued to apply its daily exercises for (8) weeks, after which the same diet was applied and mechanical energy variables (kinetic and vital) were measured after they implemented the same unit. special training The study concluded that the expended calories variable was almost equal in both tests, and the expended calories variable, resulting from food combustion in terms of (kilo-joules) were consistent with calories taken from food, which was proportional to the effort exerted by the research sample. The energy cost index for each (1 kg) of the body indicates that there is no balance between calories and their product (kilojoules), they concluded the need to use the cost index for evaluating mechanical energy output (kinetic and vital), as a system for continuous monitoring of the functional and mechanical level of athletes.


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