Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of Rebounding Strength Exercises in Developing the Peak Ability and Shooting Skill of Advanced Football Players


Mohammed Ali Majeed Zayer*

The purpose of this paper is to preparing rebound strength exercises to develop the peak of ability and some basic skills for advanced football players, and identifying the effect of rebounding force exercises in developing the researched variables on the research sample. The researcher used the experimental method for its suitability to the nature of the research problem in the manner of equivalent groups (control and experimental) with pre- and post-test. The research community was determined from the players of sports clubs in Baghdad who participated in the reserve league for the season (2022/2023), which numbered (27) clubs, and then the research sample was deliberately chosen, represented by the (20) reserve players of Al-Zawraa Sports Club, who were divided randomly by The lottery was divided into two groups (control and experimental), each group consisted of (10) players, and the sample percentage was (3.7%) of the research community. The researcher made equivalence for the two research groups (control and experimental). One of the most important results reached by the researcher is that: The rebounding exercises had a positive effect in developing the top of the ability (explosive power and power characterized by speed), which led to the development of the scoring skill in the research sample, rebounding exercises used in the research were influential in achieving speed in performance through the decrease in time in the skill of scoring, as well as working to achieve the required accuracy with this skill by observing the results that appeared, development that appeared in the results of the experimental group is greater than the results of the control group, and this is evidence of the effectiveness of the rebounding exercises used on the research sample this achieves the goal of the research. One of the most important recommendations recommended by the researchers is that: necessity of relying on rebounding exercises when training players to develop muscular strength, especially (explosive power and power characterized by speed), necessity of adopting jumping of all kinds when rebounding exercises, and benefiting from the exercises prepared in this research in the training curricula of sports clubs and youth center.


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