Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of Small Educational Games in Developing Attention Concentration and Learning the Skills of Plump and Handling Basketball for Players Aged 14-16 Years


Ahmed Hatem Radi Aljnabi*, Bahaa Hussein Abdul Ameer and Adnan Khairi Obaid Aziz

The importance of the research is manifested in that the basic skills in the game of basketball are considered the cornerstone in the formation of the player in basketball, as these skills work on developing personal aspects and learning basic skills, in addition to this acquiring knowledge and information is of great importance, and may be characterized by small educational games that are appropriate in The learning process can be implemented as alternative learning tools in the learning process, as these games occupy a good place in the education plan, as they are considered one of the preferred means in the field of learning some basic skills. Regular games, especially in the game of basketball.

The research problem focused on: the lack of use of small educational games in the educational process, which is clearly reflected in the level of performance of educated individuals, as well as the need for diversity in the methods of presenting the material and conducting the learning process by adding excitement and suspense to move away as much as possible from boredom and routine and in an effort to try to participate learners and give them Interactive and positive roles in the methods of displaying the skill, which leads to the development and development in their mental abilities, including focus of attention as well as their motor skills, and on this basis, the researchers decided to develop a curriculum for preparing small educational games that would develop attention concentration and learn the skills of tapping and basketball handling for players of all ages 14-16 years

Where the research aims: preparing small educational games with basketball, as well as to identify the effect of small educational games on developing focus of attention and learning the skills of tapping and handling basketball for players aged 14-16 years.

he researchers used the experimental method by designing (the two equal groups) with the first and final tests to suit the nature of the research, and the research community was identified with the players of Al-Hilla Basketball Club at the age of (14-16) years, who numbered (16) players, the researchers chose the research sample with the main research from the The number of (12) players, they were divided equally into two groups, one of them is experimental, randomly, by lottery method, with (6) players, and the other is a control group with (6) players as well.

After preparing the appropriate tests, the initial tests were conducted for the members of the research sample, and then the vocabulary of the small educational games, which were applied within the educational units for the members of the experimental group, was carried out. unit, the time of the educational unit is (90) d, and after the completion of these units the final measurements were carried out and the appropriate statistical treatments were used. Suitable for learning the skills of tapping and handling basketball. The researchers also recommend the adoption of the educational curriculum with small educational games in developing the mental abilities and motor skills of players aged (14-16) years.


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