Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of Special Abilities Exercises on Growth Hormone and Achievement for Advanced Weightlifters, Baghdad Clubs


Ghassan Adeeb Abdulhassan*, Falih Hashim Fenjan and Hussein Jabber Abood

The purpose of this paper is to preparing exercises for physical abilities, especially for weightlifters, Baghdad clubs, and identifying the effect of exercises for special physical abilities on growth hormone and achievement for weightlifters. The researchers identified their research community with the advanced players for the Baghdad clubs by lifting the weights of (20) players of the weight category (81) kg, and the researcher chose his research sample randomly by (8) players and the researcher used the experimental design, for one group, and the researcher used the statistical bag (SPSS) and used In it (arithmetic mean, standard deviation, skew coefficient, T-test for symmetric samples). The most important conclusions were: Special exercises have a positive effect on the development of physical abilities, growth hormone and achievement of the snatch and nitro lifts. In addition, the most important recommendations were: It is necessary to use the special exercises intended for advanced players and in the special preparation in particular.


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