Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The effect of special exercises for some physical and compatibility abilities and their relationship to some basic skills of female football futsal players


Wameedh Shamil Kamil* and Maytham Habeeb Sabhan

The purpose of this paper is to using special exercises to develop some of the physical and compatibility abilities of the female futsal players and knowing the effect of these exercises on the research variables as well as knowing the relationship between some compatibility abilities and some basic skills in futsal football. The researcher used the experimental method for its relevance to the nature of the problem to be solved and to achieve the objectives and hypotheses of the research, as well as the method of the control and experimental groups (with pre and post-tests). The research community is represented by the Baghdad women's clubs in futsal and participating in the league, which are 4 clubs (Al-Quwa Al-Awwaa - Al-Iskan - Baladi - Al-Mustaqbal) and a number of (48) players the sample of the research, which was chosen in a deliberate way, included the 14 players of my country’s football club for futsal, who were divided into two experimental and control groups with the choice of (4) players randomly as a survey sample, and thus the sample represented (29.16%) of the research community. The researcher determined the physical abilities, combinatory and basic skills and chose the tests for each variable after conducting a number of personal interviews with the experts, in addition to the researcher's personal experience. The most important results reached by the researcher is the presence of a noticeable development in the physical abilities and harmonic and the basic skills under discussion in addition to the existence of a significant correlation between the harmonic abilities and some basic skills in football for the halls.


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