Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of Special Exercises on the Receiving and Handling Skills of Football Players Aged 13-14 years


Alaa Abed-Alqader Neama*, Mohammed Jamal Salman and Ameer Abbas Mahdi

The analytical view of the game of football shows the presence of many aspects that enter into its formation, and among these aspects: the physical, skill, tactical, psychological and others, and each of these aspects has an effective impact on it, and with regard to the skill side, this game includes many and varied skills such as the skill of receiving, handling, rolling and evading And scoring and other skills that reflect the aesthetically pleasing and interesting form. It is noticeable at various levels in football matches that there are basic skills that are used more and more frequently than the rest of the other skills, and this is what requires, in addition to other skills, to work on mastering them as much as possible because of the clear impact they have on the implementation and success of the required plans, and here we mean the skills of receiving and handling, The researchers noticed that they are former football players, and through field observations of the championship of the National Centers for the Care of Sports Talent in Football, which was held in the Talent Center / Baghdad, it was found a clear weakness of most players in the performance of the skills of receiving and handling in various playing situations, which negatively affects the Technical and tactical performance, as well as the result of the match The aim of the research is to prepare special exercises to develop the receiving and handling skills of the research sample, The experimental method with two groups, control and experimental, was used for its suitability in solving the research problem, The sample was chosen by the intentional method represented by the players of the National Center for the Care of Sports Talent in Football in Baghdad Governorate at ages (13-14), and their number is (20) players. The players were divided into two groups in a random way so that the number of each group became (10) players, The statistical package (SPSS) was used to process the data, The researchers recommended the necessity of emphasizing the training of the receiving and handling skills during the training units, as it is a major requirement in the success of the skill performance of football players (14-13) years.


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