Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of Stretching Exercises by Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (Pnf) Of Sensory Receptors in the Rehabilitation of Ankle Injury for Athletes


Wafaa Sabah Mohammed Al-Khafaji* and Fatimah Hameed Kzar Al-Masoodi

The purpose of this paper is to The aim of the research is to identify the effect of stretching exercises by facilitating the neuromuscular sensory receptors (PNF) in improving the working muscle strength, range of motion, and the degree of pain for people with ankle joint injuries for team and individual sports athletes. The researchers used the experimental approach with a one-group design with two pre and post- tests. The sample was chosen by the intentional method from the players with team and individual games for young people in the National Center for the Care of Sports Talent in Baghdad Governorate, who are injured in the ankle joint and from the second degree, who are (8) players. They were distributed among the games (2 basketball players, 2 volleyball players, 2 handball players, 2 swimmers), as stretching exercises were used by facilitating neuromuscular sensory receptors (PNF) for a period of (6) weeks, with (3) rehabilitation units in the week. The researchers concluded that stretching exercises with neuromuscular facilitation of sensory receptors (PNF) have a positive effect on the rehabilitation of ankle injury for sports athletes (basketball, volleyball, handball, swimming), due to the appearance of an improvement and a clear increase in the muscle strength of the working muscles and the range of motion of the ankle joint, as well as Reducing the degree of pain in the affected area.


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