Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Effect of Using the Reciprocal Method and the Additional Duties on Learning some Basic Football Skills for Students


Basim Naji Abdulhussein, Akeel Kadhim Hadi

The purpose of this paper is to identify the effect of using the reciprocal method with additional duties in learning some basic football skills. The research sample was chosen in a deliberate way from students of the second stage average. The research aims to identify the effect of using the two reciprocal methods with additional duties in learning some basic football skills. The two experimental groups used the same curriculum in terms of the number of educational units for each skill. Then the researcher used the appropriate statistical means to reach the accurate results using the statistical package (spss).

Then the researcher presented the results, analyzed and discussed them, in which the arithmetic means and standard deviations were presented and the results were put into tables and then analyzed and discussed the results in an accurate scientific manner. The most important conclusions and recommendations reached by the researchers: The group that learned by the reciprocal method achieved an improvement in learning most of the skills in soccer than the group that learned by the additional homework method. Directing the attention of teachers and coaches in the sports field by using the reciprocal method as a means of learning basic football skills respectively.


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