Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Level of Job Satisfaction for Coaches of Sports Teams Working In the Baghdad Education Directorate, Karkh I


Abu-Baker Yousif Mohammed*

The purpose of this paper is to knowing the level of job satisfaction for the coaches of the sports teams working in the Baghdad Education Directorate, Karkh I, from the point of view of the coaches themselves in the first Baghdad Karkh Education Directorate, they are satisfied with working as a coach and at any level in particular, and does this level help them achieve their goals and are there suitable conditions for their work in this sports institution?, the researcher used the descriptive method in the survey method, due to its suitability with the nature of the research problem the study population consisted of (26) coaches in the sports teams working for the first Baghdad Karkh Directorate of Education, while the research sample was (26) coaches. A scale was prepared (job satisfaction for coaches of sports teams working in the first Baghdad Karkh Education Directorate), and the scale was applied to the sample to extract the scientific basis for the scale. To extract the results of the research, which include reaching a measure of job satisfaction for tennis coaches in Iraq and setting standard levels to know the level of their job satisfaction and it was found that they are in the level of job satisfaction they have a good level because of what they need from some things such as material and moral support and the existence of rewards in the case of achieving local achievements Increasing the facilities for sports games, providing more transportation requirements, good housing when there are external tournaments, and working on the availability of modern equipment that is compatible with the development of the games compared to the rest of the developed countries.


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