Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The match difficulty modulates coping estrategies but not competitive anxiety in male volleyball athletes during tournament with congested schedule


Carlos Gilberto Freitas-Junior*, Leonardo Fortes, Camilla Karen Silva, Mayllane Sousa, José Roberto Nascimento-Junior and Pedro Pinheiro Paes

This study analyzed competitive anxiety and coping during competition with a congested schedule in male volleyball athletes according to match difficulty (MD). Eleven athletes had their competitive and coping anxiety levels analyzed before four matches, using the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory - 2 Revised (CSAI-2R) and Athletic Coping Skills Inventory-28 (ACSI-28), respectively. The MD level was calculated at the end of the competition. Anxiety levels did not change during matches. The ACSI-28 “free from worry” subscale score for match 1 was different from matches 2 and 4. The highest MD level match showed different score for the ACSI-28 “coping with adversity” subscale compared to the match with the lowest MD level. During the competition with a busy schedule, the analyzed athletes modulated their coping strategies according to their MD level.


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