Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Relationship of Attention Is Divided With Learning to Perform Some Volleyball Skills for Students of the Fifth Preparatory


Fatima Naim Abdullah Al-Aboudi* and Aseel Jalil Katta

The study aimed to identify the level of attention divided through the survey system, and to identify the level of transmitting skills from the bottom, receive the transmission and prepare volleyball among the fifth preparatory students, average, and to identify the relationship of the divided attention by learning to perform transmitting skills from the bottom, receiving the transmission and preparing their volleyball, The two researchers assumed that there is a moral connection relationship between the results of the attention test divided into the results of tests learning to perform both the transmission skills from the bottom and receive the transmission and prepare the volleyball at the research sample, and the researchers adopted the curriculum Descriptive in the style of correlation on a sample chosen randomly by (30) students at (28,846%) of medium mercy students within the formations of the General Directorate of Karkh/2 continuing in the regular working hours of the year (2021-2022), and after identifying search variables and measuring tools, each of them and their application And processing its data (SPSS), the two researchers concluded that the middle school students have an acceptable level of divided attention, and they have a skill performance level for both transmission, reception and preparation, and it needs to be improved, and the divided attention links with a high positive relationship with the performance of each of the skills Release, reception and preparation in volleyball, and the researchers recommended that it is necessary to take care of the adoption of measurement technology in psychological laboratories to support the process of motor learning in the physical education lesson, and it is necessary to pay attention to developing the capabilities of physical education teachers and their knowledge of how to use the regional system of cognitive to support the motor learning process in the physical education lesson And it is necessary to increase the interest of the Ministry of Education in activating the mechanisms of cooperation with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research on developing the capabilities of physical education schools within continuous education courses.


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