Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The Role of Organizational Development in Improving the Reality of the Work of the Administrative Bodies to Manage Active Sports Clubs in Baghdad


Thamer Hammad Rija*, Thikar Khaled Mohammed and Rasha Abbas Kadhlm

The purpose of this paper is to identifying to the organizational development in improving the reality of work in the administrative bodies of effective sport clubs in Baghdad, according to available data and capabilities to obtain the results of the research. The descriptive design has been adopted with the analytical survey style to suit the study requirements. The sample of the present study is the administrative bodies of effective sport clubs in Baghdad with (71) clubs and (365) members of the administrative bodies from the population , whose number is (598), a percentage of (61.03),They have been divided according to scientific research procedures (pilot study, construction sample, and application sample), using a scale for the research variable (organizational development) with a questionnaire that includes (5) main domains and (46) items identified according to scientific principles, using the statistical system (SPSS) to process the data, and the most important conclusions show that the sport clubs seem to understand the scientific modernity and the importance of organizational development in improving the performance of the management of sports clubs. In addition to the role of sports culture and contact with other cultures, the management thought is sustainable for the work of sports clubs it also has been shown that diversity in administrative styles and methods helps in changing the work system and its sustainability in order to make a progress with the organized development. It has been recommended to apply the organizational development scale by the administrative bodies of active sport clubs, as it is a major reference for the continuous improvement of the work of sport clubs, increase officials attention in the development of organizational relations .furthermore, giving the real opportunity to express opinions and adopt new ideas, work in a team spirit and, look at the administrative body as an integrated system in its management of the requirements of the work of the clubs.


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