University Sports Media and Its Relationship to the Spread of Sports Culture at the University of Baghdad

Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Full Length Research Article - (2023) Volume 18, Issue 3

University Sports Media and Its Relationship to the Spread of Sports Culture at the University of Baghdad

NajlaaAbbas AL-Zuhairi*, Liqaa Abdullah Ali, Reem Talal, Luma Samer, Nihad Mohammed Alwan, Zainab Ali Abdul Ameer and Missaa Nadem
*Correspondence: NajlaaAbbas AL-Zuhairi, College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences for Woman, University of Baghdad, Iraq, Email:
College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences for Woman, University of Baghdad, Iraq

Received: 08-May-2023 Accepted: 22-May-2023 Published: 22-May-2023


Sports media is one of the most important means that work on developing sports talents, summarizing success stories and informing all segments of society of the latest developments at the local and global sports level alike. Therefore, attention must be directed and highlighted on the integration of sports and an attempt to activate it in a positive way that works to spread culture and awareness Sports by introducing the masses to the laws of games, sports information, and the health benefits of practicing sports, and employing sports media of all kinds to deliver sports news in an objective manner aimed at students to educate them and educate them mathematically. The sample for this research was selected from the students of the University of Baghdad for the Colleges of Arts and Colleges of media for the academic year (2021-2022). The researchers used the descriptive approach, and the study population consisted of (30) male and female students, and the previously used sport and cultural media scale in sports was used. In the results of the research, conclusions were reached, as it was found that there is a strong relationship between sports media and sports culture, and the researchers recommend conducting more research on the role of university media in other fields.


University sports media, Sports culture.


Sports media is considered an important part of public media. It is a specialized media for transmitting sporting events in the sports field only. It aims to communicate all information, ideas and news about the sports aspect in general. It is a process of publishing information and sports facts and explaining the rules and laws of games and activities that contribute to the dissemination of culture. Sports media has an important role in public health, whether physical or psychological, and the manifestations of sports media differ like other types of media, including sports newspapers, which are the most prominent media, as well as media activities related to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., in addition to a series of television and radio programs that Known as audiovisual media, studies indicate that sports media, past and present, is the public school that gives a clear and correct idea of the work of sports institutions and educational institutions in their various stages if their work mechanisms are based on correct and scientific foundations and are characterized by sobriety and honesty in transmitting correct information far from forgery so that the media appears Sports through it in a decent and ramified way and is able to spread awareness and sports culture in society and sacrifice it towards achieving its internal goals in terms of raising the level of sports culture for society and introducing them to the importance of the role of sport in public and private life. This, in addition to adopting the dissemination of sports culture, also depends on the extent of the positive compatibility that the student feels during his university life. (Razzaq and Idan. 2018) indicates that the process of a student’s success in his academic life depends on compatibility with the requirements of the life he lives and the way he deals with the environment around him in a positive way. It is worth mentioning and it is no secret that the technological development that has occurred in all fields of life has a great impact in spreading culture and sports awareness, whether at the level of students, professors, or even employees in educational institutions. (Kazem and Amin. 2022) believes that the current century is witnessing a huge scientific revolution that carries with it many variables, the most important of which is the technological revolution and the production of large quantities of information capable of increasing growth, and the future has become dependent on the ability to reduce it, employ it and broadcast it efficiently. Life The researcher must have a background through which he reviews the role of university sports media, whether through university platforms such as websites or the official university channel, or through publications and articles published in the sports field at the university level to spread culture and sports awareness among the corridors of the university to introduce male and female students One of the various specializations within the university’s formations is the leading and important role of sports practitioners whose impact is reflected on public health and the creation of a distinguished personality that possesses many characteristics of a successful personality in society due to the qualities instilled in sports practices that strengthen individuals and make them individuals capable of serving society and taking responsibility. (Zainab Ali Abdul-Amir. 2022), quoting Heba Abdel Jalil, sees that the university is considered one of the most important institutions, as it is entrusted with a set of goals that fall under three basic functions, which are learning, preparing human resources and scientific research in addition to community services. Hence, the importance of research lies in identifying the role of the media University athlete in spreading sports culture and awareness at the University of Baghdad and trying to explain the type of relationship and finding solutions for information if it exists.

Research Methodology

The researchers used the descriptive approach using the survey method and the correlational relationships for its suitability and the nature of the research, as the research community used some of the students of some faculties of the University of Baghdad (Colleges of Arts and Colleges of media) for the academic year (2021-2022). As for the research sample, it amounted to (30) male and female students.

Data Collection Methods

The researchers used two questionnaires as a means of collecting data on the research variables.

• University sports media scale.

• Sports culture of scale.

Devices and tools

• Scientific manual calculator.

• A computer (laptop).

Main Experience

The researchers conducted the main experiment on Sunday 3/1/2022, where the researchers distributed the questionnaire for sports media and the questionnaire for sports culture to the members of the research sample, and recorded the results in the data registration form in order to be discharged and processed statistically, and it ended on Sunday 23/1 / 2022.

Statistical methods: The search data was processed through the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS).

Results and Discussion

The correlation coefficient was extracted between the variables of sports media and sports culture using the questionnaire using the correlation coefficient (Pearson), which amounted to (0.891). The correlation coefficient is high and the direct relationship is strong (Tables 1& 2).

Table 1: Shows the arithmetic mean and standard deviation of the variables of sports media and sports culture.

Variables Arithmetic mean Standard deviation
Sports media 167.8000 10.1003
Sports culture 54.833 14.0395

Table 2: Shows the correlation between the variables of sports media, sports culture and statistical significance.

Variables Sports media Pearson correlation
Level sig Type sig
Sports culture 0.891 0.001 sig
Significant, with a level of significance ≤ 0.05 and a degree of freedom of 29.

It appears to us through the results of two rounds (1) and (2) the clear relationship between sports culture and sports media and the great role that sports media plays in raising the level of sports culture for Baghdad University students, especially since the research sample is a sample of non-athletes and thus shows the importance of spreading awareness and sports culture Through the sports media, which includes all the sports information that the university student receives from the media of all kinds, whether it is audio (audio media). Which includes sports TV programs, which have become very numerous at the present time, and contribute to raising the level of awareness and sports culture among the general public, not only the sports audience or even the written media, which are issued here by newspapers, magazines, articles, and even what is published on social networking sites of scientific and sports articles that spread from Through it, sports information and knowledge that contribute to raising the level of awareness and sports culture and enlighten the minds of our students and children about the importance of the role of sport in our lives and explain its importance in acquiring public health as well as developing the level of general information for the individual. In humans, even the study of psychological aspects this is consistent with (Batata, Noureddine, 2019) quoting (Bayoumi, Zaid. (2021 ), who believes that the sports media is a system that is concerned with publishing news, rules, laws, and principles that regulate sports mechanisms and that are concerned with clarifying scientific and sports visions, through means of communication and mass media for the purpose of spreading the culture related to this field.

He also sees (Imam 1988) that the sports media develops positive attitudes towards practicing aspects of physical activities and directing them towards investing leisure time. This is consistent with the opinion of (Al-Otaibi and Mustafa) Which believes that social networking sites have become one of the most important reasons for developing the capabilities of young people, as it aims to create feelings of belonging and a sense of collective self and strengthen the mental health and well-being of young people. Among the important elements also that should be mentioned is the role of the university professor also in spreading cultural and sports awareness, as the teachers’ guidance to students Towards practicing sports activity or making them aware of its importance through social networking sites as an attempt by him to make social media sites a media tool that contributes to spreading this culture among students. It is correct because he is entrusted with them in every issue related to building their future, to lead them to success, excellence and positive action, and this is consistent with what you see. (Saeed.2021), who believes that the role of the university professor, with his transcendent personality among students, is a basic and auxiliary factor in directing them in the right direction because he is entrusted with them in every matter related to building their future to lead them to success, excellence and positive work, and this agrees with what you see too (Ismail and Abbas. 2022), which mentions that the role played by the faculty member in education in general is a very important role because he is one of the pillars of the educational process and is the key to knowledge and science. It is worth mentioning that increasing mathematical awareness and sports culture as well it relied heavily on the role of technological development, which has become an integral part of an individual's life, especially the use of mobile phones, computers and other technological means. This is consistent with the opinion of Nahda Abd Zaid (2021), Which believes that the use of computers has spread recently in various fields and has proven its effectiveness and saved a lot of effort, time and cost, including the sports field, which is the subject of the study aimed at the extent of the impact of modern technology in the management of institutions and institutions. We also do not fail to mention that electronic sports media also has a role It is important in promoting and developing awareness and sports culture at all levels, whether among male students or among females. This is consistent with the opinion of (Sondos Musa. 2021), who believes that the electronic sports media opened new horizons to spread the culture of sports in women's gatherings through possible and open dialogues to communicate between the concerned persons and take the information what interests her has become widely known to women nowadays.

Conclusions and Recommendations


• All media have a clear relationship with the dissemination of sports culture in general.

• The sports media, in particular, has a close relationship with the dissemination of information, awareness and sports culture for nonpractitioners of sports.


• We recommend increasing sports programs that deal with the dissemination of sports information at various levels because of their effective role in increasing cultural awareness.

• We recommend other studies dealing with other topics that contribute to spreading awareness and sports culture.


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