Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Amer Hussein Ali

Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Karbala University, Iraq

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    Delegation of authority and its impact on the development of administrative skills of staff in the Student Activities Section
    Author(s): Amer Hussein Ali*, Sajit Majeed Jafar and Nabil Hussein Abbas

    The purpose of this study is to identify delegation and its impact on the development of management skills among the heads of the Student Activity Section in the universities of AL-Furat Al-Awsat. Researchers have used the descriptive method in the survey for its relevance to the research problem is one of the most used approaches in the study of social phenomena, and to achieve the study objectives, a tool (scale) was utilized. Researchers have distributed the scale to the research community members, which are (129) from AL-Furat alawsat University Student Activities Division. Researchers point out that the heads of student activity divisions enjoy an appropriate degree of competence. There is a strong relationship between the administrative organization of the trainers and the level of delegation of powers, and that the delegation of powers effectively contributes to the development.. Read More»

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