Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Maen Ahmad Mahmoud Shalan

Physical Education Department, Faculty of Sport Science, Mutah University, Jordan

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    The Effect of Using Virtual Reality Technology, VR Box Glasses, On Learning The Skill Of Shooting In Handball
    Author(s): Maen Ahmad Mahmoud Shalan*

    Objectives: This study aimed to identify the effect of using Virtual Reality Technology, VR BOX, to learn the shooting skill of Handball for students of the College of Sport Sciences at Mutah University. Methodology: The study used the experimental approach with a two-way design using an experimental and a control group, by comparing the pre and post measurement for each group and then comparing the two groups. The study population consisted of (54) students enrolled in the Handball course (1) in the College of Science Sports, Mutah University for the summer semester 2020/2021. Moreover, the study sample consisted of (30) students who were randomly chosen, and the study sample was divided into two groups, with (15) students for the experimental group learning the shooting skill using Virtual Reality Technology, VR BOX, for (6) weeks, with tw.. Read More»

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