Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Nada Jawad Mohammed Ali

College of Education for Girls, University of Baghdad, Iraq

  • Full Length Research Article   
    Geographical Notions of the Scientific Research Products of Dr. Yousef Yahya Tamaas
    Author(s): Nada Jawad Mohammed Ali*

    Many discussed the intellectual awakening of the Arab nation and wrote about the prominent figures of Arab and Iraqi geographical thought. The research aims to clarify the personas and contributions of the academic Prof. Dr. Yousif Yahya Tumas, who provided Arab and international geographical thought with research, works and literature that contribute to building our contemporary lives. The researcher relied on the materials in libraries as well as about entering the file of Dr. Yousif at the University of Baghdad - College of Education for Girls, as well as meeting with those close to him. Among his paramount contributions is his participation in the seventies with the Ministry of Planning in his study on the subject of roads and related to measuring the average speed of the means of transport in two ways, which at the time is the most recent in the world and the first in Iraq.. Read More»

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