Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Sura Jamil Hanna

College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, University of Duhok, Iraq

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    The Effect of Corrective Exercises According to some Biomechanical Variables to Develop the skill of Spiking in Volleyball for Female Players Al-Amanah Sports Club
    Author(s): Sura Jamil Hanna*

    The purpose of this paper is to preparing special kinetic corrective exercises according to the values of the biomechanical variables of facing (front) spiking in volleyball, and identifying the effect of special exercises in developing the values of biomechanical variables when performing of facing (front) spiking in volleyball. The researcher used the experimental method by designing (the two equal groups), which is consistent with the nature of the research problem, as experimentation is one of the most efficient means to reach reliable knowledge. The researcher identified the community, who are Al-Amanah Sports Club players, who number (20) players in the Premier League for the 2019 season. 16 players were selected, and the researcher divided the sample randomly into two groups, the first (A) experimenting with 8 players, and the second (B) controlling 8 players The experi.. Read More»

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