Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Bullying Behavior And Its Relationship To Achievement Motivation For Young Football Players Under (19) Years Old


Muwafaq Obayes Khudhair*

The purpose of this paper is to identifying the level of bullying behavior young football players under (19) years old, identifying the level of achievement motivation young football players under (19) years old, and identifying the relationship between bullying behavior and achievement motivation young football players under (19) years old. The researcher used the descriptive survey method to suit the nature of the research problem. The research sample was chosen by the intentional method from the young players of the first-class clubs for the season (2021-2022) in football. Their number is (385) players from (11) for the sports season, and the reason for choosing them deliberately was that they represent the best players in the whole province because of their good level of performance, as well as their experience in league tournaments, and this sample constitutes 100% of the research community. One of the most important results reached by the researcher is that: The scale proved its effectiveness in measuring the bullying behavior of the research sample, and achievement motivation has a major role in the success of the scale in choosing appropriate solutions .One of the most important recommendations recommended by the researchers is that: Using the scale to know the levels of bullying behavior of the players and its impact on achievement motivation ,and attention to psychological preparation for young age groups in reducing their level of bullying behavior to qualify them for higher levels in the future.


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