Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Organizational Culture and Its Role in Updating the Administrative Skills of Secondary School Principals in the Education Directorate of Basra Governorate


Rawaa Abdulameer Abbas*

The importance of the research lies in getting acquainted with the organizational culture and its elements and how to benefit from it in updating the administrative skills (AS) of school principals (SP) to achieve the required goals of educational institutions and the services they provide to the community. Accordingly, it requires educational institutions to pay attention to developing the organizational culture and modernizing the AS of SP so that everyone can keep up with the requirements of scientific and technical progress taking place at this time. Therefore, the study aimed to find the role of organizational culture in updating the AS of secondary SP in the Directorate of Education of Basra Governorate. The descriptive method used the correlational relations method to solve the research problem. The research community was determined by secondary SP in the Education Directorate of Basra Governorate. (420) male and female SP were chosen randomly to represent the sample. The sample was divided into a sample of preparing a measure of organizational culture and AS, which numbered 200 SP. As for the sample of the survey, which consisted of 20 principals and principals of a school. The main application sample is 200 SP. After preparing the two scales by the researcher and conducting the scientific foundations and statistical analysis of the expressions of the two scales, they proved their validity. The two scales were distributed among the sample with the necessity of confirming the answer to one alternative. After the testers finished answering, the questionnaires were collected, checked, and processed statistically using appropriate statistical methods. The researcher concluded that secondary SP are characterized by a degree of organizational culture. And update their AS in terms of technical, human, intellectual, and the ability to diagnose and analyze the relationship between variables and their perception in school management. As well as the positive role of organizational culture in updating their AS in managing their schools.


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