Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

The effect of Sakyo training (S.A.Q) in developing some physical and kinetic abilities and completing 110m hurdles for 16-year-old specialized school players


Zainab Qahtan Abdulmohsin*

The event of crossing the barriers is one of the Power Games activities that have received great attention in the field of researches. Which led to many developments in training methods and its ways, and then led to an improvement in the level of achievement. So, the use of these modern training methods is one of the necessary requirements for upgrading hurdlers, so the researcher found that Sakyo training is one of the latest techniques used in the sports field and it depends largely on the right running model that depends on explosive kinetic patterns in sports that require maximum speed and agility, that why the sample consisted of 110 m athletes barriers from the School Specialized in power games, numbering (5) players, The study was validated to find out the effect of Sakyo exercises on physical, kinetic abilities and achievement. The researcher concluded that there is a positive effect of these exercises on the research variables.


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