Ibero-American Journal of Exercise and Sports Psychology

Mapping Research on Learning Media in Physical Education: Bibliometric Analysis of Past Findings and Future Research Agenda


Mochamad Ridwan*, Edi Setiawan, Miftah Fariz Prima Putra, Novri Gazali, Bojan Bjelica, Amir Karimi, Deddy Whinata Kardiyanto and Ahmet Kurtoglu

The aim of this research is to map research literature on learning media in physical education over two decades. This study uses meta-data from the Scopus repository, retrieved using relevant keywords and extracted in terms of field development, productivity, collaborative networks and thematic structure in the field. We analyzed the data in VOSviewer and Biblioshiny software. A total of 265 documents/articles were published in the Scopus database in the period 2000-2022. Based on publications in the Scopus database, the findings show that: (1) academic interest in physical education learning media in the first decade tended to fluctuate and began to increase in the last decade; (2) Most publications are written by researchers spread across various countries, although most research is still published by a small number of authors and countries; (3) there is a noteworthy level of scientific collaboration in this field, where there is no collaboration between co-authorship clusters; (5) The conceptual dynamics of the literature reveal the multidimensionality of this topic of inquiry. Our significant contribution is the explanation of past findings relevant to current research that offers interesting insights into the evolution of the field of instructional media in physical education. These findings suggest the need for more interdisciplinary studies and broader collaboration of authors between countries.


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